As Bad As It Gets

The irreverent sequel to Sadie Kaye‘s AIB award-winning 2015 documentary Bipolar Express aired for the first time on RTHK Radio 3 July 13, 2019. As Bad As It Gets shines a spotlight on the lives of an eclectic mix of artists and professionals who secretly or openly struggle with OCD.

Guests include showman Mat Ricardo, artist-activist Charlotte Farhan, poet Neil Hilborne, lovable locksmith Billy Archer, and psychiatrist Dr. Barry Connell. The 30-minute doc is titled As Bad As It Gets in a cheeky nod to the Jack Nicholson movie.

This is the second doc Sadie has produced & presented for RTHK about mental health. Her first, Bipolar Express, was Highly Commended by the Association for International Broadcasting at the 2015 AIBs. The doc will shortly be followed by the launch of the Mental Ideas Podcast on RTHK.




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