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Miss Adventure
is a comic character, TV & radio series, written & performed by Sadie Kaye. It began in 2013, when New York indie production company Summerhill Television produced an improvised episode with rock band Motorhead at Madison Square Garden. The episode was broadcast on HBO‘s Funny or Die, where it became the Highest Rated Video of All Time in 2014. The episode has consistently remained in the top 10 Highest Rated Videos and piloted on Comedy Central in 2015. Since 2014, Sadie has also performed as the Radio Television Hong Kong personality ‘Miss Adventure’, with weekly shows & randomly dispersed comedy sketches broadcast on RTHK.
The theme song ‘Miss Adventure‘ was co-written by Sadie Kaye (lyrics) & Ryan Stanton (music). It was performed by London band The Peppermint Apes & distributed by 4Real Records. A series of Miss Adventure short films are currently being produced by GMI, a film company based in London.


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Radio Television Hong Kong 
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Miss Adventure’s latest comedy vehicle broadcasts soon on RTHK!

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