Meet the New Parents

Miss Adventure is recording a new series of comedy podcasts, Meet The New Parents. New parents Mr. & Mrs. Sharpe-Payne (played by Miss Adventure’s dastardly alter-ego Sadie Kaye and Philippe Joly) are struggling to cope with the pressures of parenthood, going to increasingly absurd and criminal lengths to keep their baby twins, who have only just got off, from waking…

Charles Tang, Becks Baker, Stewart McKay and Chris Maden make up the supporting cast. You can read the ‘3 Terrifying Short Stories’ that inspired the series in the South China Morning Post below! The stories were published in the festive edition of Post Magazine Dec 12, 2021. In Dec 2022 they were longlisted for the 2022-2023 Comedy Women in Print Prize.

Meet the New Parents
 Meet the New Parents (2019) on IMDb

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