Mental Ideas Podcast

The Mental Ideas Podcast is a new weekly show on which Miss Adventure’s shady second cousin, twice removed, Sadie Kaye, takes a humorous look at innovative approaches to tackling mental health, performing bold social experiments and discussing the results with an eclectic mix of guests from the worlds of entertainment, film, politics, the arts and charity. The series launches on RTHK Radio 3 April 2020 and will run for 4 months.

Guests include award-winning cartoonist and bestselling author Larry Feign, BIFA-nominated filmmaker Raffaello DeGruttola, virtual reality dance-maker Eugenia Kim, Jackie Chan (no, not that one, but she could kick that Jackie Chan into 2021!!!), villainous psychopathic actor and entrepreneur Philippe Joly & Nollywood superstar Dan Davies. Gentleman juggler and showman Mat Ricardo presents a number of outstanding slots!

 Mental Ideas Podcast (2019) on IMDb

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