I’ve made it into somebody else’s book!! It’s by Dan Davies, has just been published and is called The Rantings of a Madman on Facebook.

I am flattered to be mentioned in a few of his rants after casting him, aged 53, as a 16 year old boy in Miss Adventure meets Motorhead, which was shown on Funny or Die. Thanks to Chicago radio hosts WC Turck and Kerri Kendall for reminding me of our madcap little escapade gatecrashing a Motorhead gig @ Madison Square Garden in their preamble to an interview with Dan about the book last week!

Dan has experienced international success as an actor and screenwriter. He was a recurring guest in the Trolls Anonymous & Death & The Frozen Tundra episodes of S1 of my Mental Ideas Podcast and will be back again in S2! His debut book is really quirky, funny and the first in a trilogy based on his Facebook rants from 2008 to the present day. Enjoy!

A deadly podcast about Death by Anxious Showman Mat Ricardo is poignantly paired with American actor Dan Davies presenting the weather forecast… in Wisconsin. It may be Spring, but Winter is Coming…

Death & The Frozen Tundra broadcasted live on RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show May 14! Download the podcast via the links below! On next week’s Mental Ideas Podcast, I’m joined in the studio (not just on Skype!) by Virtual Reality Dance-maker Eugenia Kim, who’ll be explaining to me how her bipolar disorder has fueled her creativity. Virtually Eugenia broadcasts next Thursday (May 21) @ 2.30 HKT on RTHK Radio 3!

Meanwhile, Mat and Dan will be back on Mental Ideas in a couple of weeks time talking about internet trolls in Trolls Anonymous. Don’t miss it!!!

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Death & The Frozen Tundra on RTHK Radio 3

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Hmmmmmmmm, slightly regret referring to this week’s episode of Mental Ideas as my “award-losing podcast” in the official RTHK blurb. In fairness, it hasn’t been entered for any awards, so even describing it as “award-losing” is a delusion of grandeur. 🤣 🤣 🤣

I’ve got a criminal record as long as your arm, but most of my heinous crimes were committed while I was in Nod. At least that’s what I told the popo…

Catch my cheeky one-hander The Criminal Sleepwalker on this week’s Mental Ideas Podcast live on RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show in about ooh TWO HOURS today (May 7) @2.30 HKT!


On next week’s episode I am joined by the power of virtual technology by two lunchtime legends: showman Mat Ricardo and actor Dan Davies in a deadly episode, Death & The Frozen Tundra.

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The Criminal Sleepwalker on RTHK Radio 3

The Criminal Sleepwalker on the 123 Show

The Criminal Sleepwalker on Podcast One

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Previous Podcasts!

The Depressed Comedian

A Bipolar Love Story

The Agitated Air Stewardess

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