War of Voices Wins Place in 2020 Proverse Poetry Prize!

Just found out that my first (and only) poem, War of Voices, has won a place in the 2020 Proverse Poetry Prize and that it will be published in Proverse Publishing‘s anthology of prize-winning poems in April 2021! Which place (last place??) will be announced at a gala reception in Hong Kong Nov 19!

My late grandfather, a poet, who also dabbled in banking, would be proud! I’d love to say he was an inspiration but since his legacy is all in Welsh (and it’s a sin to translate Welsh poetry into English, according to my mother) I can’t tell if he’s been much of an influence or not. (Also, it’s a sin to translate English poetry into Welsh. 🤣)

War of Voices muses on mental health, populism and propaganda, tribalism and marginalization. It’s absolutely hilarious! Well, maybe not. But it rhymes! Thank you, Proverse! You have made a wannabe poet with more issues than Vogue very, VERY happy.

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